"I’ve just started training with Mark and I’ve already seen what a great motivator and mentor he can be. He’s passionate about what he does and he makes challenging my limit an enjoyable experience."

                                                                                                  James Brady - Client

"Mark is an extremely motivational and inspiring trainer and person. He is always high-energy, personally and in his profession. His class was vigorous but rewarding. I definitely "challenged my limit", but (with Mark's guidance) I pushed through and completed the class successfully. It was an extremely enjoyable, informative and fulfilling experience."

                                                                                                Taylor Adams - Client

"Mark was recommended to us through a program for people with special needs, as we have a daughter, Alicia, 25, with autism. Our daughter has always loved to take walks or short hikes but has never been "trained" at a gym. I felt a little nervous to try it thinking that Alicia would have too many behaviors that would interfere with her workout. Boy was I wrong! She loves it! He works right through any noises or behavior. She doesn't take her eyes off him! She is amazing us the way she is taking direction from him! We chatted with Mark about what we wanted for her and he incorporates it into every workout. We are blessed to have this talented athletic trainer share his program with our daughter and to be patient and kind toward her through the session. Challenge Your Limit Fitness rocks! Thank you Mark!"

                                                                                    Debbi Hudak - Parent of Client

"Mark is not only amazing in the physical aspect of personal training, but truly cares about the overall health of his clients. I am so glad to have found someone who continues to motivate my son and has such a positive influence on him as well!!!"

                                                                                                     Tess Ferraro Zinzi - Client

"Mark is a wonderful trainer. He's been training my daughter for over a year. He really connects with her and motivates her to want to do more. Mark is so supportive of all she does and I know she feels the difference. I could only say I'm glad we found you Mark and i know you will continue to build strength and endurance with my girl and many others. So many thanks for challenging her limits. 💪💪🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️"

                                                                      Theresa Hurray Orlando - Parent of Client